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Everyone likes to be thought of. The Analyzing Company creates advanced technology to make mundane tasks effortless, free up your time, and make it easier to be thoughtful. We’ll achieve this by helping companies:

Build for Scale

with technical excellence

Tackle Practical Problems

that make a difference

Think Long-Term

and take risks

Working with us is a pleasure

Every company’s culture is unique. The Analyzing Company’s is no different. We like working on everyday, practical problems. People matter a lot to us. We put our users first in everything we design and build. And, our team is everything. We like working with smart, nice people who value diversity and get things done.

Also, we like ice cream. We have it every Friday and have lots of opinions. Come prepared.

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The Arctic Ocean freezes every winter and much of the sea-ice then thaws every summer, and that process will continue whatever happens.


A growing company

We're building the integration infrastructure that data driven companies use to connect disparate apps, automate repetitive tasks, and consistently deliver for their customers. Come build with us.

  • Encrypted digital Data

  • Carefully crafted secured APIs

  • Trusted and long term bonds

Our Parent

The Analyzing Company is a proud child of RyanCO.


Build something

A PROBLEM IS AN OPEN INVITATION – that’s our mantra. The Analyzing Company is focused on taking sophisticated technology and quietly solving everyday problems. If you are passionate about building technologies to help consumers navigate the practical, we would love to meet you!

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